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Violet Ray

This is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional. Do not use if you have a heart pacemaker or pregnant.
High Frequency Unit also known as
Edgar Cayce's Violet Ray

The Hand Held Unit
Price $238.00 for the USA, FREE Shipping and handling. For international orders email me first before ordering 1 year warranty. Electrodes are replaceable, for $30.00 These units are on sale from $329.00 marked down to $238.00 for the hand held unit.
Current runs 110/120 Volts AC USA Power, in other countries you need to buy a power converter for 220V. The converter are around $15.00 Professional cosmotologist charge $50.00 a session, now you can do-it-yourself. size of the electrodes are 11.7. For purchase please go to my website at www.myholistichealthshop.com.

The High Frequency Professional Unit
This has four violet electrodes. The Rod (Indirect) and mushroom,the point and spoon. Ask me for the rake for the hair, this is extra. This unit can be left on for an hour before needing to be turned off, the hand held needs a rest after 25 minutes top. This model is necessary if going to be used many hours a day.
Price $399.00 add $20.00 for ship in USA continental only. For Hawaii and international orders email me One year warranty.
For purchase please go to my website at www.myholistichealthshop.com.

I found the Violet Ray to be very affective. Everyone should have one of these in their homes. Edgar Cayce knew what he was talking about when he recommended it in 900 of his readings. It is like a portable version of the Body Enhancer

The Violet Ray has been mentioned MANY times by Researchers in the early part of the 20th Century and was originally developed from the work of GENIUS Scientist, Nikola Tesla. The Violet or the Neon Ray is a HIGH-Voltage & LOW Current source of HIGH Frequency (10,000+ Hertz)

The Ray provides a PLEASANT, TINGLING Sensation to the Skin and Scalp by it's ability to INCREASE Oxygenation in the form of Ozone (O3) into the Blood. It is used today PRIMARILY for various Skin and Scalp Conditions, such as Acne, Wrinkles, Dandruff, Gray Hair and Baldness. The Ray appears to also work by BALANCING and ENERGIZING the Nervous System and moves the "Chi".

NOTE: Below are statements not approved by the FDA or the manufacturer.

The Violet Ray has been known to relieve pain to any part of the body by bringing circulation to the area. The electrical currents penetrate every cell and tissue of the body to stimulate and strenghen the vital organs, build up the natural forces, steady the nerves, and develop the general health and conditions of the body. High frequency electrical currents carry oxygen to the blood, thus purifying the vital body fluid. The ray equalizes the circulation in congested parts and restore bruised and inflammed tissues to normal. The applicator rubbed over fat will bring circulation and warmth to the area to metabolize fatty tissue. Wonderful for removing wrinkles, warts and moles. Wonderful for promeoting hair growth or reducing hair from falling out.

A few minutes application each day can be all that is needed. Many authorites state that impaired circulation of th
e blood causes most ailments. Edgar Cayce also known as the "Sleeping Prophet" in the first part of the century was a famous healer, he recommened the Ray device in over a thousand of his readings for ailments ranging from A to Z. The Violet Ray uses argon inert gas, that is what makes the violet color in the electrode. The neon gas is what makes the orange color. I can send you to a website where you can more electrode attachments.This hand held unit comes with 3 glass electrodes. One General electrode (Spoon shaped) comes violet (argon gas), the Rake for the hair comes orange, and the straight rod comes violet. Specs 3.6 WATTS, 120 VOLTS, 0.03 AMPS, 28000 PEEK TO PEEK VOLTAGE

Knee, back, shoulder,pain ect If you rub along each side of the spine, the organs can become nourished with energy by using the acupuncture points size of elecrodes are 11MM

The Violet Ray has provided the means of bringing to every home, at a reasonable price, a method whereby every vital process can be quickened and the blood made to course through the body with renewed vigor. If necessary, the treatment can be concentrated on any organ, muscle or nerve, however delicate or tender. By this treatment the impurities are washed from the affected organs by a rich, warm flow of blood which nourishes and stimulates the tissues and which is generated by the penetrating current of the Neon Ray, reaching the cells which supply life to the tissue, and causing them to vibrate. The stagnant pools of blood are thus set in motion and the poisons contained therein are relieved of by the purifying processes of nature. The blood thus being freed of poisons is able to take up oxygen from the lungs and nutrition from the digestive organs and returns tissue building material to every part of the body. In this way new tissue is formed to replace that destroyed by disease and carried away in the blood stream. This process of stimulation is called a "cellular massage" because of the fact that the vibration or contractile effect is expanded upon the individual cells making up the tissue, rather than on individual muscles. This is an important reason why the high frequency current produces such marked effect on nutrition and general health. Cellular massage is much more penetrating and beneficial than muscular massage as produced by mechanical vibration.
Increases glandular activity, germicidal action occurs during use and aids in deeper penetration of product into the skin.
WARNING-DO Not use alcohol base products
• Apply for to reducing wrinkles, growing hair or for any other use,
No more than 25 minutes using the Handheld or an hour using the pro model minutes a day, twice daily
• Can be used on animals and children.
• Where ever the electrode is applied, it metabolizes the fat because of the increase of circulation to the area This device comes with three electrodes the General, the Rake and the Rod electrode.

The general is used to apply any where on the surface of the skin.

The rake is for the scalp for hair growth by promoting circulation, also for stopping hair from falling out *The rod for zapping acne, warts, moles, blackheads, ECT

Do not use if you are pregnant or have a heart pacemaker Keep away from the computer or televison.

Electrotherapy for the 21Century, the wave of the future
People have reported, does not mean you would get the same results
*Reduce Swelling, Pain and Inflammation
*Reduce wrinkles, give your self a face lift
*Promote hair growth by bringing circulation to the scalp.
*Receive an energy boost just like a battery charge
*Relief from allergies by ozonating the sinus cavities
*Metabolize fat over area where applied
*Oxygenate and ozonate your body

This is a picture my aura before using the violet ray.

This is a picture my aura after using the violet ray.

People have reported this device with great results for every ailment, such as:

Healing Diabetic wounds because of the ozonation effect killing the bacteria and bringing circulation to the wounds.

Allergies because when you rub the electrode over the sinus cavities the ozonation kills the build of bacteria
and replaces the energy to the area.
• There has been many testimonies of neck, knee, back, carpel tunnel, headaches, arthritic pain very quickly being relieved. Increased energy and over all well-being.

This is not to be used as medical advice. Physicians did use this device successfully for every ailment in the early part of the century. They had glass electrodes designed in 62 different forms. They were used for Cervix, Throat, Prostate, breast cancer. The physicians used this similar high frequency device for ailments from A to Z. until the development of the Pharmaceutical companies. Then the doctors were forced to stop using the Ray which uses the inert gas Argon and had to sell their drugs. If they did not comply they were labeled as quacks.

The Ray is sold today only for cosmetic purposes, to reduce wrinkles and promote hair growth by bringing circulation and energy to the scalp and face. Thm to return the body back to balance. If you buy this device you are buying it only for cosmetic reasons, if you use it for anything else it is for your own experimentation and research.

How the Violet Ray works:
When you have pain, there is a build up of hydrogen in the area. This replaces it with oxygen. The glass electrode filled with neon rubbed over the area ozonates thus oxygenating the area. Ozonation kills parasites, bacteria and viruses. The blood receives oxygen when the electrode is applied. Where there is pain there is a build up of positive ions, this replaces it with the beneficial negative ions which are very healthy for the body. The Ray may cause electroporation to the cells, meaning the cells become more permeable (the cells opening up a little more than normal) making the toxins flush out easily and the nutrients rush in. This can detox the cells and improve the lymph flow. Also. Where there's pain, swelling, inflammation and disease there is a problem of low millivolts in the area. This device raises the millivolts eventually back to normal. A normal healthy cell is appromately 100 millivolts, an aged cell is 50 millivolts and a cancer cell is 15 millivolts, The Violet ray is a literal battery charge.

We are electrical, magnetic, color and sound so doesn't it make sense to balance our bodies with this same form of energy?

**Read my Violet Ray research in Ed McCabes book " Flood your body with oxygen" Important book!! Learn about the Violet ray, ozone, oxygen therapies & more.


This manufacturer sells this device only for cosmetic uses only not medical.
These testimonials you are about to read are from real people but this does not mean you would get the same result. These are results people have reported back to me after buying the Ray.
This device is used to reduce wrinkles, remove warts, moles, skin conditions and promote hair growth but people are using it on other places of their body because of reading about Edgar Cayce. It is not sold as a medical device but cosmetic, if you have any health issue see a doctor.

These are real testimonies I have received from people. Most have read Edgar Cayce for advice on how to use the unit. I appreciate it, when any of you use it on yourself or someone else and get a great result, email the result to me to so I can send it out to everyone and file it.

(1) Warren, Fla. This man is in his 60/s has Diabetes. His hands have arthritis and the top of the hands of big spots of black and blue bruising from lack of circulation. He applied the ray about ten minutes each hand, his family was with him. Within minutes he said he could move his fingers and wrists without much pain and more flexibility. His flesh color came back to his wrists that quick except for one spot. Which worked on later. The Raydrew the circulation to the area, ozonated the blood which means it put in oxygen and moved the stagnated blood. (Does not mean you would have same result)

(2) Steve in Orlando gave his violet ray to his 86 year old mom because after putting it on her Diabetic open wounds once a day for a week. Within that week heal healed up beacuse the ray drew the new blood to the wounds and pushed out the toxic blood.(Does not mean you would have same result)

(3) Mary M, in Orlando Fla-Called to tell me she used it for a few mintues on her Pancreas which had been in pain for two weeks. After a few moniutes of rubbing the ray over her pacreas, the pain was gone. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(4) A women with Crohn's disease had pain on her right big toe. Her right foot was swollen. She applied the ray and within minutes her pain was much better and about 5 minutes later her swelling was down. She was very happy. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(5) A women with shoulder pain, in minutes was pain free. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(6) Another women called me to say she used it for more energy. She used it on her face for ten minutes. (Does not mean you would get the same results).

(7) DR. Kion in Fla has had polio for 40 some years. After a week of using the violet ray on his legs a few times a day, he walks more balanced and with reduced pain. It is easier for him to get out of bed in the mornings and has increased energy. He loves it. (Does not mean you would get the same results).

(8) Reports of wrinkles being reduced. Moles, spider veins, and warts dissapearing are very common.

(9) (Polio) A women name Paula called me to ask if this was the same Violet Ray doctors used many years ago. I said yes it is, but now it is not so zappy or can burn your skin. However it is as powerful regardless. How did you know aboutt he old ray i asked? She said because when she was a little girl she had Polio. A doctor would come by her house, massage her, use the Violet Ray he cured her she said. WOW!!! I said. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She wants a ray now. Paula P. Melbourne FL 2001 (Does not mean you would have same results)

(10)(Diabetes) Steve in Orlando Fl,2001 He gave his violet ray to his 83-year-old mom because after putting it on her Diabetic wounds once a day for a week, they healed up. This is because the ray draws the circulation to the wound. The ray ozonated the wounds which means , the ozone killed the bacteria. Letting her immune system take over to heal herself. He ended up buying one for himself.

(11)(Diabetes)A women told me she had pancreatic pain for weeks. She put the violet ray over her pancreas for a few minutes, right away she said her pain was gone. She was amazed. Mary D in Orlando Fl 2001

(12) Caroline's shoulder pain is much better. Carloine C. Palm Bay Fl, 2001

(13) A women with Crohn's disease had pain on her right big toe. Her right foot was swollen. She applied the Ray to the toe and swelling. Within minutes her toe pain was much better and about 5 minutes later her swelling was down. She was freaking out, she could not believe it. I told her the ray drew the circulation to the foot and toe. Kathy M./ Cassadaga Fl 2002

(14) A women with shoulder pain, in minutes was pain free. Another women wanted to try it for energy, she got it. She put it on her face mostly. A woman who owns a health food store saw this going on and wanted to try it also. She placed the Ray on her third eye, or brow for about a minute. Right away she felt an increase in energy, now she wants to sell them in her health food store for skin conditions. Nancy S. /Fla 2002

(15) (Bone spur)At a small party, a women in her 60's has a bone spur and the bottom of her right foot was purplish. After her rubbing the Ray on the bottom of her foot for about ten minutes her normal color came back as she had compared the color to her other foot. She called all excited about it, Joan/ D. Rockledge 2002

(16) (Bone spur)Miss Cooper was about to take pain medication for a bone spur, instead she tried her Ray for about 5 minutes. She got up walked with no pain, she said it lasted two hours. Rockledge Fl 2002

(17) (Yeast) Rob had a problem for a few weeks on his mouth; it was some form of yeast. He called it Candida. He said he tried creams and a prescription from the doctor but had no success. Miss Copper had him place the Violet Ray for a few minutes around his mouth. By that night it was almost gone completely. The next day it was gone. Rob. Palm Bay Fla 2002

(18) (Polio)This man has had polio for some 40 years. He has been using the violet ray for about 5 months. He says it helps him to reduce pain. He uses it in the morning to rub on his hips and legs. He can feel it charge his energy field. He is a Reverend, he said. " I don't understand how it works". I told him, it is the Violet Flame that you preach. He smiled and nodded his head. Kioni ,Titusville Fl 2002

(19) I've used the ray with benefit mostly sparingly. It ups the energy so that I could really dispense with the coffee. Neck and knee better...in fact, don't notice the pain in my neck, forgot about it. Hope it lasts. Energy is the main thing. Boosts.
Elizabeth Gillard, St. Augestine 2003

(20) Sally uses the Ray for relief of headaches and muscle aches. Sally S. from Melbourne 2003

(21) Alan, my husband was in a fight. Three men tried to mug him in Kew West Fl. Alan got punched above his eye. He used the Violet Ray to help quickly reduce the pain, His knuckles were scratched and swelled from the fight. Minutes after putting it on his knuckles the swelling had diminished greatly. Mary Seid, Melbourne Fl 2001

(22) Lynn an aura photographer had an infected tooth for two week, in pain. After a few minutes of putting the Violet Ray on her check over the toothache, the swelling and pain reduced greatly, an hour later she did it again making her feel much better. Lynn Z. Gainesville Fla. 2002

(23)There have been many people that have called me with stories of arthritis on their hands and in minutes the pain is gone and they can move the hand more freely, using the Ray.

(24) (Knee Pain) Marge use too run everyday for years. She injured her knee and had not run for a year. she had been to a doctor, but no relief. She was wearing jeans when she put the violet ray on her knee, through the material for a few minutes. After that she could move her knee easier and the pain was gone. She went back to jogging. She recommends it to many people. M.D /Orlando 2003

(25 There have been many people with headaches and migraines were either ray applied to the head and back of neck, very quick relief. Many people with back pains, neck and shoulder pain within minutes of using either ray the pain is gone or the back is not so stiff.

(26) Melanie's cat had no hair on her back, from allergies. The vet and holistic vet could not help her. She called to tell me after a few days of rubbing the violet ray on her cat, the hair is growing back and has more energy. She put her testimony on video 2002

(27) The other day a women told me she put her Ray on her cyst that was on her finger, in minutes it shrunk a little bit.

(28) Rhonda told me she put the violet ray on her friend's foot that had not been out of pain for 20 some years from a stingray bite. Right away the pain was gone for the first time. As far as I know it is still gone. It must have moved the blood toxic out of the area and flushed it out of her maybe.

(29) (Wirst Pain) Rhonda put it on her friend's wrist that had been in pain for ten years, don't remember from what, but in minutes of putting the violet ray on her wrist the pain was. This woman had tried many different modalities even of alternative methods. Nothing had worked except for the ray.

(30) (Foot) Maryjo has Neuralgia of the feet and so does Felicia, both of them had a big difference with pain and swelling reducing very quickly. Maryjo let a massage therapist use it on his liver pain for a few minutes. He had this pain for a couple weeks, after wards he was much better. She also put the violet ray on her dad who is in a nurseing home. He shook so much he could not feed himself. She put the ray for a few minutes on each of his hands. That night he was feeding himself. MaryJo, Cape Canaveral Fl 2002

(31) (wrist) Another women broke her wrist a couple years ago, pain was always a problem since but the first application of the violet ray and she could move her wrist with less pain.

(32) One spiritual women used the violet ray walking around her apartment to get rid of an evil presence she said, Friends had tried prayers and sage but nothing worked except the high frequency from the violet ray which cleared the place. Margo 2002

(33) A women said she keeps getting abducted by ufo's and has implants. She is on psychotic prescriptions. She rubbed the violet ray on her legs, hands, face and bottom of her feet. When she was through she took a deep breath and said WOW! I feel so different, an over all feeling of well-being. Edgar Cayce readings had said to do this. Linda , Rockledge 2002

(34) Mark used the violet ray to stop the pain of his hamstring, It took a couple days he said. Using it twice a day for it to stop the pain. He used the Ray all over his body for energy. Also, he says his sperm looks healthier, like when he was younger. 2002

(35) Ann S. called to say a wart and a mole had disappeared using the Ray after one week. And her wrinkles around her eyes are less noticable. 2002

(36) John is studying to be a Naturopath in New York. He used it on his calf also. He had hurt it during martial arts. He is now getting great results. Also his testicle was hit and hurt him for weeks, he uses the ray briefly there and he says it helps his pain. 2003

(37) (Hepititus C)Mary M. has a husband with Hepatitis C, his legs are very sore. After the first time of rubbing the Ray on his legs he got some pain relief. 2003

(38) (Allergies)My own testimony is when I get heart palpitations from high blood pressure and I put the violet ray or neon all over me, it stops the palpitations. But this does not mean it would do the same for anyone else. When I get an allergy attack which is not common anymore, and that if I put the ray on my sinuses after sneezing a lot. I stop sneezing within minutes. The ray ozonates the sinuses which means it kills the bacteria that built up in my sinuses and immediately dries them up, every time I get an attack, this stops my sneezing or runny nose immediately. Once I had to apply it an hour later though for it to stop my sneezing. Also once i had the beginning of an earache. I put the Violet Ray on the outside of my ear for a few minutes. About an hour later it was completely gone.

(39) (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) On 3/5/2002 a women called to say she no longer has this wrist pain after a week of using the ray. She is an acupuncturist.

(40) Gum Disease- (EYESIGHT)women called me to tell me she has a gum disease called pyorrhea, it caused her so much tooth pain that when she breathed her teeth hurt. She read from Edgar Cayce to place the electrode at the base of the skull for gums for five minutes. She did this and the pain went away and had not come back, plus it improved her eyesight a little. 3/19/02

(41) Gout- Wanda placed the violet ray on her husbands feet who has gout. He was very skeptical until after his treatment. Soon his pain was better and he could move his toes easier, plus the next morning he woke up with much less pain in his feet then normal. 3/21/2002

(42) Maryjo called me from Indiana to say she placed it on a man who's hand was crippled. After 15 minute treatment he could move his fingers and with less pain, many people watch this before their eyes. Indiana 2003

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The Body Enhancer

The Body Enhancer Device AKA Molecular Enhancer

This is the most powerful device I have ever come across. For nine years I have studied only experimental health devices. I personally own 25 different types of vibrational devices; color, sound, magnetic, zappers, Tesla devices, frequency, subtle energy devices and more. I have found this machine to be the best with the quickest results. The Body Enhancer is all the machines rolled up in one. It is used in many holistic clinics in America, Mexico and around the world.

Can be set up vertically or on the side.

, the wave of the future
Every cell in the body has a tiny battery in it. When that battery becomes low from stress, injury or disease it will have electrical difficulty. This device charges the cells back up just like a battery charger does to your cell phone. Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg found Cancer is 15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is about 50 Millivolts and a normal cell is about 100 Millivolts This device powers the voltage back up in those cells so the chemical, hormones and enzymatic processes can work properly.

People have reported great benefits

*Increased physical and mental energy
*Stimulates endorphin production and neurotransmitter output. This may be why there is an effect on mood, meditation, mental clarity, better memory and relaxation.
*Improves nutrient absorption and assimilation.
*Improves digestive and stimulates metabolism.
*Speeds recovery after surgery and injuries.
*Releases toxins and heavy metals
*Deep sleep and more vivid dreams is very common. Now your body has the energy to heal while you are asleep.

It can be used as a crystal therapy device by placing crystals on the skin to incorporate that particular crystal or gemstone frequency*
The board is 24" x 19" weighs 18 pounds
The black transfomer box is 14" x 11" x 6 weighs 23 pounds
The box the bulb sits in is 14" x 11" x 10" weighs 3 pounds

You can place the board with your toes pointing toward the transfomer or turn the board sideways and have the transfomer to your left or right/ You can slide the board under the bed or chair easily when finished.

This is the intensity dial. It controls the power from zero on up. I am the only distributor that has this feature. Very Needed!!!!!!!!!

People have reported results with Fibryomyalgia, Lupus, paralysis, gangrene, edema, heart conditions, arthritis, severe back pain, swelling, increased energy, increased mental clarity, better sleep, help with abnormal cells and soooooo much more. I could go on and on with results people have told me.

Why It Works

1. It moves the circulation quickly, pushes fresh blood in and pulls sticky toxic blood out.
2. Pulses a magnetic field, we are a pulsing field not a static magnetic field.
3. Puts back the north magnetic field around the outer covering of the red blood cells so they repel each other again . This means the red blood cells are not sticky any more and they flow easily through the veins and arteries. Some people say it feels like their blood as been turned on like a faucet.
4. As the circulation starts flowing quickly, it moves and drains the lymphatic system which runs along side the circulatory system. We are 60% lymph material and the toxins accumulate in the lymph's. This drains the lymphatic system thus releasing fluids. Great for the lymph nodes.
5. This can create a more balanced alkaline state, disease lives in a high acidic state, when the body becomes more alkaline or a PH balance it could reverse to normal health. Read the book "Flood Your Body With Oxygen" Therapy For Our Polluted World by Ed MC Cabe
6.We are made up of electricity, we are spinning electrons and when we are in pain or dis-ease we are missing harmonic frequencies. This can replace those missing frequencies. The copper and aluminum oscillate off each other causing a broad band of harmonic frequencies. The copper is at one end of the mineral spectrum with the aluminum at the other end. Your body will use the harmonics it needs and disperse what it does not need.
7. When we are in pain, we have a build up of positive ions. The Body Enhancer replaces the body with healthy negative ions, thus releasing the excess positive ions. Ever see the info-commercial where people are lined up in a convention to try a negative ion bracelet and immediately their pain is gone? This is because the positive ions are released.
8. The Body Enhancer creates more oxygen in the blood because it ozonates the tissues of the hands when holding the bulb. The ozone then permeates into the blood steam. Ozone is a germicide. This quickly turns into Oxygen. Oxygen is a nutrient; you can live only a couple minutes without it. Food, supplements and water you can last days without. Use the Finger oximeter and see your oxygen content of your blood before and after.
9. This is literally a cellular massage.
10. When we are in pain we have a build up of too much hydrogen, this replaces that painful area with oxygen. Promoting the feeling of well-bring. Allowing the body to release toxins at its own rate. Hydrogen emits the color red. Oxygen and ozone emits the color blue which is the calming cool peaceful color
11. This device causes electro-poration, meaning the cell membranes become more permeable by opening up the cells more so that the nutrient rich blood can rush in and the toxic waste can flush out for detoxification
12. The Body Enhancer Causes better hydration and makes the communication of the cells perform much better.
13. This enhances the sodium/potassium exchange of the cells. Charging up the pump so it can work better. The more electrical energy it has the more efficient it works. Remember we are electricity. The food we eat is electricity, frequencies and millivolts. A potato can run an electrical clock. But as the potato dies and rots in cannot run the clock. It loses its electrical power. It runs down like we do.

Price $895.00 Add $100.00 for Shipping in USA only Comes in four boxes.
Price $895.00 Add $500.00 for shipping out of country.
To order please visit my website at, www.myholistichealthshop.com

The Vortex Bulb is an extra $220.

The Concentrator is an extra $175.00

This is a U-shaped bulb with E-gas. It is a combination of three inert gases. This is an extra bulb to experiment with. Hang around neck, shoulders, knees. Price $125.00


These testimonials do not mean you would get the same results. The following reports are from people who have experimented with this device I don't give sessions or treatments only a demonstration for the sale of this device, this Is not a medical device approved by the FDA. I make no claims Always consult your physician. Mary Seid

(1) Ya know it's unbelievable- My problem with urinating is 80% healed after being on he enhancer-I CAN"T BELEIVE IT- How freakin amazing!!!!! Today it's like almost as if it even got better and is completely healed- it's like I can't wait to go to the bathroom again. lol!!
Scott Port St. Lucie Florida 12/3

(2) I want to tell you what happened to me. I had stomach pain for days and I thought it would just go away on its own. I have a friend who has a Body Enhancer and he had me try it for a about an hour. It helped with my pain and energy but it was not healing. The pain was getting awful. On the fourth day I was in severe pain and my stomach was swollen. I used the Enhancer for 4 hours that day. Later I went to the hospital and when I told them I had this pain for 4 days they rushed me into surgery. I had had a perforated stomach. The doctor said to me after the surgery that he had never seen any thing like this before but my inside cavity was clean. No infection or peritonitis at all which I could have died from. People die on the fifth day. I was thankful my friend has the Enhancer so I get on it almost everyday now. Tina S. Jacksonville 8/4/05

(3) Last year I bought a Body Enhancer from you and I want to tell you how pleased we are with the results. My wife and I use it for one hour each day and have noticed some excellent results. Our hair has become darker, having lost some of the grey and it grows more quickly than it used to. My wife's bone density has improved immensely, having been slowly diminishing during the last few years and is now normal. The lines on her face have almost disappeared (she is 50) and the readings taken by my bio-resonance practitioner have greatly improved and he tells me my biological age is 28 (I am 80). We think it is an excellent machine and we wouldn't be without it. Thanks you to again. With very best wishes, Reg and Beatrice in the United Kingdom 7/27/05

(4) I know you want to know how I made out since I started with the Body Enhancer. I used it for about an hour and a half altogether-probably had almost 7 hours sleep (amazing for me)..Also did not have heart palpitations......usually by morning my arms and hands are pretty stiff and a little achy - not noticeably today. My feet were much better to walk first thing on arising.
Today I'm kind of thinking that my abdomen is not quite as swollen, feels like an umbrella had opened up. I've been dealing with sinus congestion while I'm in bed; last night I didn't take anything for that, and I almost forgot about it.
My foot is quite a bit better, in fact I'm thinking that maybe the problem with it is that my knee (where the meniscus is torn) is the reason that I don't walk properly and this then puts the foot out of position where it strikes the ground. My ear has had something like eczema of the skin and I've been putting different creams on it; last night I put nothing on it, but held the glass bulb on it for awhile. It certainly is more healed today than when I use topical liquids or creams.I have happy expectations of feeling much, much better in many aspects of my health.Thank you so very much Mary for bringing the Body Enhancer to me so quickly and believe me, I'll use it every day. In appreciation Marnie 2/19

(5) Thanks for the test. Well the Enhancer also amazed my mom. Her knee is doing very well due to the Enhancer she and I believe. When she has pain she goes for extra 10 min. Mom does the Body Enhancer 2x 15 min. and has remarkable results as the specialist was very amazed that her wound and leg did progress so quickly. He does not see this so often he said. What is strange though is that my mom who will be 70 next year and had her menopause several years ago, is starting to have slight Moontime again. Perhaps this is from the balancing effect ,as when I treated my mother couple of years ago with Vortex Healing she had the same occurred. She went to her gynecologist and they did a scan but everything was normal!! When I stopped treating her with Vortex, mother stopped bleeding. Could it be of the balancing effect the Enhancer has on her system??? Have a nice weekend. Desy & Joshua

(6) Have been using the enhancer daily and it really seems to help with energy and find I'm not as depressed and panicked and able to deal with things a little better. Also hypoglycemia better. Cosamina 1/25/05

(7) I'm really starting to notice the effects of the Body Enhancer! Wow! Today I am feeling tingling sensation in my feet all day long (really might be the blood circulating properly for once!). Next my feet turning a purplish-pink color. They used to be more of a yellowish color. I'm also noticing my arms tingle a too, but not as much as my feet. My hands are starting to look much better and veins on the back them have faded away (I mean not protruding out of my skin.) Today Friday, I'm feeling much more energetic! And like I told you yesterday, my low G.I. track is working really well. The colonics, though I know do a lot, have not caused what the B.E. has done. Stuff comes out so much better, better formed, not as often, but more volume. Nice benefit there. Much upper chest area is starting to clear up and the skin is starting to look more reddish colored, not yellowish like before. The dandruff stuff is just flaking off and clearing up. I've started rolling the bulb all over this area for about 10 minutes at 105v. I also have been rolling the bulb all over my belly area and groin area. And man does the bulb pick up gunk from my skin! Like you, and can put the tip of the bulb in my navel. I really think the extra jump in voltage from 95 to 105 has made a difference too (I've even made it to 115v!). Or maybe that I've been on the machine 1hr in the evening and 1hr in the morning might be helping too. But today, I'm really noticing feeling so much better. Still low on the mili-volt machine. But might just be normal for me I guess.The Body Enhancer kicks booty that's for sure. I'm really glad to have this unit.Thanks again for all your help. Take care, Scott

(8) It will be awesome to visit you in the near future. I have to tell you.. I have painted this entire house and my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel have not returned. I truly from the bottom of my soul know that the enhancer cured me. Hugs and Love, Suzie 1/26/05

(9) I have some good news. I bruised my hand the other day by the knuckle. It was a similar bruise to something I had done a year ago which took weeks to heal. I used the enhancer for just 20 minutes last night, about five of those minutes holding the bulb against the swollen area. and i only had the voltage up to about 50 or 60. when i awoke this morning i was surprised to find out the swelling and pain is about 80% to 90% gone. Dan 2/10

(10) When I first received the enhancer I sat with it for about 45 minutes and the the cold I had went away the next day and I was able to go back to work and a big bruise almost completely disappeared. The middle was totally gone while the other two parts were still there as marked as ever so this tells me that this machine does work. Diana

(11) Just returned from a very transformational trip from Egypt. I am still recovering from this: Came back with pneumonia and after sitting with the BE for 2 a 3 x I recovered. Now I skipped 2 days and I am tired again. So the BE helps me with my lungs, also the O2 lack which I was born with. BE helps my daughter with her skin, my her father with his muscle in the left leg. He wants to bike the whole pilgrimage route to Compostella in May. The boyfriend of Marcella with his ankle due to accident few years ago. And even my son , who is very skeptical, tried it for the first time, yesterday for a few minutes. Let's see what that brings. Hope Joshua will also use the BE he has lot of problems. And of course my mother: Remember I told you of her operation on her left knee? Well the wound recovered tremendously quick and looks beautiful, a part of the scar is already hardly to be seen with the naked eye!! She is so proud about it !! Her walking (lets say almost running LOL) recovered very quickly. Her knee which was very big swollen due to the operation is normal again, also her ankle came back to normal thickness. Her physician is not only very pleased but wonders how she did this in such short time. She returned her supporting walking canes more than a month ago!!! Mom was operated on in January 05 and is fit to go on a spa holiday this weekend. How about this all? This is so wonderful. We are so pleased with the BE. Desy 4/6/05

Breathing Class caused me a lot of pain
(12) One night I took a breathing class a couple years ago. This is a class on Tantra breathing, or yoga breathing. The instructor had us do very quick breaths for a long time. It was hyperventilating actually. Some people got dizzy. When I got home I went to sleep. In the middle of the night I started to have legs cramps and soon they got very painful. They both ached from my toes to my hips. I started to moan and woke my husband up. I tried walking it off and it did nothing. For about 20 minutes this went on until I got my husband to set up the Enhancer for me. It had not been set up after I had lent it to a friend.
He said maybe I should go right to the emergency room since we thought it might have something to do with an oncoming heart attack, never experiencing anything like this before. I said let me use the Enhancer first. So, he got it setup and I used it for a half hour. I noticed after the first five minutes my legs started to feel better. I stayed on for at least another 45 minutes and got off to see if I could walk ok? All the pains had stopped using the machine within 15 minutes. Sure enough as usual my Enhancer saved me again. The pain was gone and never came back.
The next day I mentioned it to my girlfriend who went with me to the class and she said it was a build up of carbon dioxide in my body. So I called the breathing instructor. She said yes, this is what happened. I told her if i had not had my Enhancer I would have been in the emergency room. So, no scientific way of proving it but it makes sense the Enhancer got my blood flowing again in my legs and oxygenated them, plus releasing the pain or Carbon dioxide build up?

Painful Lactic acid build up from breathing class while exercising.
(13) A couple years later I took a very hard exercise class for 2 hours. The man had us breathing only through our nose, some were also quick breaths, so I was worried about doing this as you could imagine. After the class was over I told everyone in the group it was the first time I had exercised like that in ten years, or even exercised physically like that period. They actually clapped for me and someone said you are going to be super sore from this. I said maybe but as most of you know i have my Enhancer at home. The ones that had their own said OH yeah, better get right on it. It was a 45 minutes drive home and when I opened the car door to get out, my legs barely worked. As I walked in the house they were shaking and they felt weak. I walked to the kitchen grabbed an orange, water and sat on the Enhancer right away. I used the Enhancer for a half hour. When I got off no weakness or shakiness. To my amazement I never got sore, absolutely no soreness. It was like I had never exercised. I know my body and if I had not had this machine I would have been in bed for a week in agony with every muscle hurting. So it had to have moved the lactic acid build up out of me don't you think? Mary

(14) Terry is a 48 year old man in good health. He used the machine the first night for an hour and a half. He said it made him feel euphoric and that's why he was on it so long. The next morning when he woke up he picked up the newspaper and noticed he could read the print before he put his glasses on. We were astonished. He had worn magnifying glasses for 6 months so he did not have bad eyes for years. He was not able to use the machine until a couple weeks later but by then his eyesight went back to the way it was before. He now uses it daily and his eyesight is great again. This is a good example of the daily need for the Enhancer, just like you need healthy food, clean air and water every day you need to keep up your electrical energy. Terry also injured his hand severely in a construction accident; it had been numb for a few years, now he is regaining the feeling. Also the numbing in his toes are going away.

(15) I stayed on it for a half-hour the first night we had bought it. I noticed I stayed up later then usual that night. The next day the bump of infection I had over my lip was 2/3 gone, I had had it for 3 months, within a few days it was completely gone. Also that night was the first night in months I could sleep through the night without waking up. My nose had been so dry every night I could not breath threw it, I did not know why. It is back to normal now. Also, my uterus has large fibroids, enlarged and is tilted, for a week I had a constant feeling of vibration in it. It was not getting circulation to it I assumed. The Enhancer must have brought the flow of blood to it because now it no longer bothers me and I was ready for an emergency hysterectomy but now I feel I can take it out when I'm ready. As time passed I developed because of weight gain high blood pressure and sometimes get heart palpitations. When that occurs I get on my enhancer and it stops it within a half hour. It does not cure high blood pressure put I feel it helping me digest food, opening up my circulation and raising heart energy Also one morning I woke up with a severe toothache, the pain went into my temple and ear, instead of running to the dentist as I normally would have I used the enhancer for an hour and WOW! The pain was completely gone, even the ear and temple pain, the swollen gland I had was gone the next day. I'm sure the enhancer moved the toxic blood out of my mouth bring in the fresh oxygenated blood. I read that a dentist uses ozone to kill the bacteria of his patients tooth in one minute and their pain. The enhancer has helped break down fat lumps in my arms that had caused pain. If I get a cold, I barely feel the effects of it like others.

(16) My brother Fred had been seriously ill; his adrenals were almost shut down. He was very weak. He is 38 years old and his weight had dropped to 130pounds. I brought him the Enhancer; he used it for an hour and a half. When he got off he said his shoulder pain was gone for the first time in a couple months. It had been dislocated, but the pain had stayed. The longer the injury is the longer it takes to heal. The next morning he woke up with improved eyesight also. He had had bad eyesight since a child. He was so sever he drew a lot of energy from the transformer.

(17) A friend bought the Enhancer, he is 35 and walks with a cane; he had severely injured his back from an accident. He enjoyed the feeling he got from the Enhancer so much that he stayed on it for 3 hours straight. It was the first time he was able to sit that long period of a time in years. Twenty minutes into it, his headache deminished by ¾. That night he stayed up to 2'oclock which was late for him, and the next morning he woke up like he did when he was 17 years old he said. The Enhancer had improved his circulation to his penis. A viagra machine here we joked. His back was better right when he got off.

(18) Glenda had fallen on concrete hitting her right knee. It had been painful and swollen from the day before. After being on her Enhancer for ten minutes she said her knee did not hurt any more, she could tell by rubbing it. She stayed on for 20 more minutes and when she got off the swelling and pain were completely gone. It never bothered her again.

(19) Broderick use to play Football at University of Miami. His wrists and lower back had chronic pain. He used the Enhancer for 45 minutes, the next morning he told me there was no more pain in his wrists or back. Had not come back.

(20) Mark has had constant pain for many years. He is 45 years old, he has arthritis and a degenerative disk in his lower back. He has been a smoker and drinker since a teenager. He used the Enhancer for a half-hour. He told me about a half-hour after the session his back pain was almost gone completely and stayed that way all day. He got back on it the next day and he started to experience a detoxifying effect. It cleaned out his bowels but it was not diarrhea. When he urinated the color changed from clear to yellow and had an odor. That is a very good sign of detoxing, this means the body is getting rid of its toxins, heavy metals, chemicals. all kinds of unwanted things. Another time he had prostrate pain for two weeks, he went back to get on the Enhancer his friend owned. Stayed on it for an hour. After he got off the pain was gone, came back a little next day then was gone for a few weeks. Now he bought one and we will see what happens.

(21) Dee, my girlfriend used it for her chronic back pain, she has had a bad lower backache for ten years. After she got off she was on cloud nine, I've never seen anyone so happy, she stood up from a sitting position without any pain. She couldn't believe it. The next day she brought her 21 year old daughter over because her hand was swollen from typing the day before and it was painful. Ten minutes into the session she called us over to look at her hand. The swelling was gone. Then we put Dee's 13 year old son on the Enhancer, he had had a sprained ankle for 2 weeks and it was still swollen and painful. He stayed on it for ten minutes then got off because he thought it was boring being on the machine. An hour later we got him back on the machine for about ten minutes he wanted off again, when he stood up he said "Mom my ankle doesn't hurt" so he went out to play with the kids and would run in every once in awhile to tell us the pain was still gone. It never came back.

(22) Bob is in his early sixties, he has mild diabetes. He wanted to see what it could do for his swollen leg. He stayed on it for about 45 minutes; his leg was very swollen from his knee to his toes. When he got off he went to put his shoes back on and he said "Hey my shoe just slipped right on without forcing it." He stood up and he could see and feel a decrease. He was smiling when he left and days later he told me the swelling was still down.

(23) Allen came over to visit and I told him what the Enhancer had been doing for people. He asked if it could help his swollen knuckle. I said, "Let's see." After ten minutes he said the pain was completely gone. His son who was with him is 16 and had a painful finger. Something, after ten minutes the pain was gone.

(24) Next is a 38 year old man who had a bladder infection for about 5 years. He had been taking a product called Cystex all long for bladder control. When he urinated it would be painful and milky. He stayed on the Enhancer for about a half hour and felt energy all day. The next morning the pain was gone and the color of the urine was back to normal, he no longer uses the Cystex.

These testimonials do not mean you would get the same results. The following reports are from people who have experimented with this device I don't give sessions or treatments only a demonstration for the sale of this device, this Is not a medical device approved by the FDA. I make no claims Always consult your physician. Mary Seid

(25) The lower part my back has been replaced with titanium, I have suffered with years of back pain. After the titanium the pain was no better. I bought the Molecular Enhancer because it helps with my back pain when I thought there was no hope but now I see there is.
Her mom and dad were here too. Then she put her dad on it, he has diabetes. With in a half hour his back pain was gone and his stomach pain also. I do not know what the stomach pain was from. His legs need circulation so I'll talk to them tomorrow to see how they are because the machine does not stop working on you when you get off. It keeps the energy flowing through out the body so it keeps enhancing the immune system. They are getting the violet ray and the enhancer now yesterday a man in a wheelchair came over with his wife. He had been using the violet ray with great results. The ray with in minutes got two of his fingers working again. He was paralyzed from spinal strokes. The ray also with in a week healed 3quarters of a heel problem that was going to be worked on by the doctors but now not needed. So, he wanted to try the Enhancer. His wife tied the big bulb to his hands and placed his feet on the glass. He sat for a half hour and the wife, when he was through went to lift him up from the chair, as she does many times a day for 5 years. She pulled him up bit his time he helped himself up. His wife Barbara said, " Did you see what you just did?" He Said Yes. I stood right up. I had goose bumps all over me when i heard him say that, it was wonderful. They are so excited about getting one and him using it all the time.

(26) I was in a bicycle accident. As soon as I got home I used my Body Enhancer. My thigh was bruised in about 3"x5' square and very swollen. I used the Enhancer for about an hour and put the bulb mostly on my bruise. The next morning the bruise and swelling was completely gone. You know the next day after an injury like that how worse it gets. Pain was still there but i was so amazed I told every one at work. It was a shame i did not take a photo of before and after. Shows how much the Enhancer makes the blood move. Also I had fallen off my bicycle a few weeks later and came home with a huge golf ball size knot on my elbow, so I putt he bulb directly on it for an hour and when I got off the machine it was completely gone and I had no pain at all. Bill E, Melbourne Fla

(27) The Enhancer has stopped clumps of hair from falling out in the shower and my comb. Plus it has helped stop some tremors that were going on in his body and gave him energy.
Fred Z., Palm Harbor Fla

(28) Last Friday I did a show and did not wear my orthodox foot soles. The next day my foot and whole calf swelled from standing hours on concrete. I used the enhancer for a half hour but nothing, the next day a half hour and nothing but the next day i sat for 2 hours straight and when i got off, my swelling was completely gone. The pain also but see I had to use it for 2hrs.
My friend Irving started selling them because it reversed his bladder cancer in one month using it at an hour a day. Tumors were completely gone. The doctors had wanted to take his bladder out but no longer needs to. He has proof from the Universality of Miami
The Enhancer saved four men from amputation, both having gangrene. Both from Burgers disease, which is the nicotine from cigarettes stick in the hands and legs. The doctors only want to amputate but the Enhancer with in a week saved Mike's leg from the knee down plus he called me and said he could not continue cause it was making him horney. He was waking up like he did when he was 16 years old. So i told him now you can walk better, go get a girlfriend which he did. For some women they say it makes them frisky.